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Amongst the multitudes of lovers of music wedded to quality music of movie medium, MS Viswanathan stands a colossus by the sheer variety and novelty of his compositions. His creations for Tamil screen have been rather unique in that most of his pieces stay fresh and keep revealing new dimensions, possibly because our perceptions have needed time to mature to be critically receptive.Like the proverbial wine, his compositions get younger by the decades and unfailingly intoxicate the listener for their embellishments and articulation of notes which reveal the connoisseur in MSV. No doubt, he is hailed the pioneer in orchestration, be it interlude or BGM across the range of themes he has catered to. Unable to rest content with personal enjoyment of his musical scores, several outlets opened up flood gates on MSV’s prowess as composer.   
Bringing together the like-minded admirers of the legend is the first harvest that such efforts on public fora culminate in. Seeing the profound mesmerism to which people have lent themselves in abject surrender to merit, new efforts start appearing from any part of the globe as his admirers are geographically spread and needless to state that MSV is duly adored anywhere on this planet. MMFA has been one such outfit duly dedicated to hold aloft the glories of Mellisai Mannar, propagating the values of his creativity in an era which established itself on immaculate human skills rather than on any computer-aided technology.  
M M F A is a trust managed by a team of 5 trustees. We at  M M F A , are aware that taking the works of MSV forward to the younger generation is the real way to perpetuate the glories of the mega composer Shri.MS Viswanathan.  As a part of this noble endeavour , we have concentrated on a variety of formats in progressing towards the objective of transcending generation gap if any. Some of our earlier events were as under:
Sessions of interaction [one –to-one for anyone in the gathering ]
Chitraalaya Gopu, 2 CV Rajendran, 3 Kavignar Muthulingam [separate sessions for each]
2.MSV fans’ presentation [AV] by Ram.N.Ramakrishnan
Lecture- demo on MSV’s compositions by Ramesh Vinayakam 
3. Tributes to Ms Jayalalitha J, Mr.Balamuralikrishna Mr. Cho Ramaswamy

4. Birth Centenaries of MGR [26-01-2017]

5. Birth centenary of Thirai Isai Thilagam -KV Mahadevan (6-05-2018) -Smt P Susheela,Mr Shyam Joseph ,Mr (Shankar ) Ganesh,Mr.SPB, smt .Vani jayram ,Mr.Poovai Senguttuvan, Mr.Piraisoodan  Mr.TL. Maharajan graced the occasions

6. Carnatic Vidhwan and Mellisai Mannar's assistant Madurai sri G S Mani delivered a lecture on 21-04-2019 

6. Homage to Shri.MSV in July annually 

All these programs happened with in 3 years of his inception , and are well attended 

 Similar Lecture –Demo sessions are to follow. 
To expand the territory of our presence, a new website of MMFA www. , and You tube channel [a free facility] would serve the needs.

A lot awaits us by way of information and joy of genuine music. 

Everyone interested is welcome. Kindly subscribe to  us [even in installments] and join us.

We will forward you the application form once you let us know your interest  

To Get in touch: MR Vijayakrishnan, Trustee - M M F A 
Ph: 9600953535 /9962276580

or write to