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MSV Patriotic Song Composed for All India Radio-Chennai  


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28/04/2019 3:30 pm  

MSV has always contributed to our Country , Culture and Language...

We all know Mannar has tuned the eternal Thamizh Thai Vaazhthu  .

Similarly he has done a patriotic song for our country - ( There are many songs he has done in films like Bharatha Vilas.. Kai Koddukkum Deivam etc.. here we are talking about non-filmy songs only)

I still remember vividly wonderful orchestrated song that was composed by MSV  for All India Radio-Chennai   -  May be after 1971 war  and used to be played regularly during 1975  also.

The song goes like this... I do not remember the complete lyrics  but still remember the  orchestrated song with Trumpet,  and Drums

I think this was sung by Seerkazhi Govindarajan

Here is the song I am trying to recollect..

Jai Hind  ( Trumpet follows "pamparapara" with drums )  Jai Hind ...(Trumpet follows "pamparapara" with drums)

" Desathhin Jeeva Nan Naadham.....    ...."  (forgot the words)

" Aandaan Adimai ....... ((forgot the words)...  Sorry

But the song was catchy, fast beat, drums and trumpet whenever Jai Hind was sung...

Is it possible to enquire All India Radio- Chennai to unearth this gem ?  Or anyone else having the recording through Tape Recoreder?

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28/04/2019 3:55 pm  

Dear Blr Jaya.Kumar 


You have given a new lead. 

We are in contact with Prachar Bharati team to bring out Mellisai Mannar 's works for them. A letter has been sent and awaiting the result.

Meanwhile will look for people who have recorded. Let me also check with Seergazhi family. 

Keep writing. 

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06/12/2020 1:18 pm  

Great. I hope we get to listen to the wonderful song.