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How to Register  


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26/05/2019 10:24 pm  

Many friends seem to have a little difficulty in registering in the Forum. A few simple steps and you are logged in. This is how to do it.


1. Go to

In the Left hand top corner you would see the MMFA Logo.

Just below it, there will be FIVE Tabs. 



You will be taken to the Page "Forum Registration".

You will be welcomed by the caption "JOIN US TODAY!"

Below this caption two lines of instructions will appear 

1. Username - create a username for logging in (do not use jumbled letters, create a simple username of your choice, and fill it in the box  provided

2. Email - here type your email address in the box provided.

Below the email id box, three options with a check box will be seen.  Tick all the three check boxes and click the Register button.

You will be taken to a fresh page, wherein you will be provided with a box for filling in your username and password. 

No need to fill them at this Stage. This will not log in into the FORUM. Close this Tab. 

Now log in to your email. In your inbox you would have received a message from mmfa, giving you a link for logging in into the FORUM. Click that Link.

Now you will be taken to the Forum Page, wherein you will find a box asking to provide a New Password, followed by another box to repeat the Password and again followed by a link RESET PASSWORD 

In the first box, create a new password as per the instructions provided therein.

In the box that follows - Retype the password created by you.

Click the box "Reset Password".

And now you will be taken to the Forum Home Page.

Now in the FIVE Tabls that appear as described supra above, instead of Log in, you will find "Log Out", which confirms that you are registered.


Hope it is clear.


All the Best.