some suggestion to ...

some suggestion to site managers/ administrators  


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29/02/2020 9:42 am  

Dear Sirs ,

This thread has been in existence for an year or so. Still , our brethren do not find it convenient to embark on the theme titled " Songs from films that have not been released" . While, the proposal is interesting, difficulties pervade -relating to the total volume of songs that one can really select and do 'justice' to analyze them. Instead, may I request the administration to explore the possibility of creating another new thread [without abandoning the present one] " Songs that have not been included in films for which they were recorded". This can be a ready domain for people to recall such numbers. 

Than you Warm regards .                         K.Raman                               Madurai.

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29/02/2020 11:09 am  

Dear Prof 

You are right. WHen we started many titles have been created to give an idea to the prospective members.

Members can post any articles in respective catagories. 

With regard to un released songs, probably to be classified into two.

Songs that were recorded but did not find its place in the film that got released for example Thendral varum from Palum Pazhamum

Songs recorded but film did not hit the cinemas 

Like Super boy  

One more issue we face is uploading songs directly which would occupy more space. 

So what we are doing is uploading in you tube channel of MMFA and give links  here. 

The Site has started receiving  many spam entries and only now its controlled.


So we will go all out for patronage and solicit all the members to contribute articles under their favourite headings 

Looking forward to read more 

Thank you very much professor for your suggestions. 

best Regards